torsdag 6. februar 2014

December travelling days

With my mind all focused on Fabelita, filming Magnus, editing and so on. I have as so many times before neglected my blogging efforts somewhat.
I would like to write about success on the project, the red-point process and so on, but as success still eludes me I´ll leave you with some shots from some travelling days in december.    

"After about a month in the cold Roger finally got his hands on a hard piece off wood"

"Wood chopping and beer drinking, a great pass time on cold winter nights"

"Perles, home of the famously soft Escalatamasters (9a) and the amazing Sin Perdon (8b+)"

"The blue skyscraper size dildo building in Barcelona"

"Roger, on the road to Montgroney"

"Roger immediately got on Venus (7a), named for it´s similarity to a certain female organ"

"I make a second go accent of el Sur (7c+) after a very close onsight attempt in the sun"

"Dinner time, classic stray spanish dog included" 

I had never been and was psyched to climb in Montgroney. It was therefor a big disappointment after 3 hours of driving when it turned out to be a lost cause. The walls were in the sun from sunrise to sunset and it was boiling hot all day.  
As a result I could not try any of the long inviting lines but had to settle for the shorter more crappy looking bouldery lines. 

"Here on some 8a in the dark with Roger´s powerful headlight illuminating my way"

"Attempting to climb in the sun..." 

 "but slipping off over and over again..."

"and as if falling off wasn´t bad enough..." 

"Roger, wasting yet another great opportunity to get a tan, the main sector in the background"

 "Religion not being my thing I found a more rewarding way to enjoy this nice old church" 

Then there was X-mas, good company and more climbing in the cave, people came and people went and before I knew it it was a brand new year. 

But that however will have to wait for the next post. 

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