tirsdag 19. mars 2013

The other side of the coin

I mentioned in my last post that I´v spent the last three winters in Spain not just climbing, but also documenting, this for the most part through the video mode of my Canon 5D MarkII.

I do take a fair amount of photo´s as well, but I always loved the motion and creativity in videography over photography.

Some recently published photo´s.

 Klatring magazine - front page
 Finansavisen - sport section (The photo down left is not mine)
BA - sport section
I´d been climbing for about a year when I began the work on my first (at the time) big film project "The Nordfjord Way".

The Nordfjord Way, basically an insider film made for the people I went to school with, is more about climbing on buildings then rock.
Mixed together with some pretty basic editing, it is my first child so to speak, and for all it´s flaws I   can´t help feeling a sense of pride and accomplishment when ever I see it.

Making it was also one of those great learning experiences, one that in many ways opened my eyes for the possibilities of video.

After that I made some shorter films (some of which can be found on the right side of this blog ------>), but my real efforts went into 3 major projects much bigger in scale then The Nordfjord Way, projects that I´m truly sad to say never saw the light of day... 
Overwhelmed by the share amount of raw footage, computer issues, studies and a whole bunch of other reasons, I never managed to finish any of them. 
Unedited and outdated both as video quality and public interest goes, they can now be found as either DV tapes stored in boxes somewhere up on Ole´s loft in Sogndal or in the digital world of hard drives, also in some boxes up on Ole´s loft in Sogndal. A constant personal reminder of my failure to finish what I started..

My biggest project to date (by far) is my current 3 seasons in Spain project, now under the working title "The Santa Linya Collective".
Much like my previous failed projects, I had no plan when I started shooting. So now, after almost three seasons, I´m looking at an enormous amount of random raw footage and the somewhat daunting task (to say the least) of trying to edit it together to something interesting.

Unlike before however, I now have both the time, the hardware and the relative skill to make this happen. (Although I´d appreciate all the help and insight I can get!)  
Having spent so much of both my own time and effort and that of others (Hannah´s especially), not to mention getting injured from too much jumaring while gathering this footage, I´m more determined then ever to see this one through. It would really be a terrible waste if it all had been for nothing..

On that bright and positive note I am therefor very happy to give you the first teaser to the upcoming film!

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  1. Eg er klar for en triologikveldpremiere på meieriet eller sogndal kino, sitte i kø med kostyme for å se barbar-triologien (around the world, sveits og santa linya)!