tirsdag 10. mai 2011

The new adventures of Henning the Barbarian part 3

After a longer break from the blog work, I sat down 2 nights to create part 3.
Not as smooth as the first perhaps, but a lot less time consuming edit, this goes more into my original idea of time and effort I´am willing to put into a piece of a blog.

As you might see the quality is much improved from the first 2 parts. This is because I finally figured out the compression settings and actually payed for Vimeo+ to be able to upload larger files (above 500mb).
The irony beeing that I actually have to pay money for you to be able to see my work the way it was meant to be in full 1080 HD quality. Unfortunatly the Vimeo site still reduces the quality quite a bit, so for those with a big screen or a god internet connection the download option is recommended.

As a side note I can say that I recompressed part 1 and 2, they are now also up in 1080 HD if you for some reason want to watch/download them again:)

In part 3 I changed to focus a bit away from me and over to some of my visiting friends Tobias and Ole Karsten. How ever, not having shot so much of Tobias the spotlight seems to favor Ole this time:)

For those waiting to see more of Hannah I am sorry to disappoint yet again, it will come eventually. Part 4 is not so far away, and I can promise some actual climbing done by Hannah will be shown:)

As another side note: I find myself in need of a new tripod (as the one I have is severely broken) and some new lenses (since my creative needs are growing beyond my trusted 24-105), and I`m all but broke...
Thus I find my self in a position where I`m willing to sell out.
So if anyone wants to sponsor the blog and/or the upcoming film, or just pay me to add logos, commercials or whatever in the blog/film, I`m open for business:)

And ye, here is Part 3: Enjoy:)

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