tirsdag 15. mars 2011

The new adventures of Henning the Barbarian part 2

It`s been about two months since the first part and I`m finally happy to present part 2!

As whit part 1 i had to breach new ground, test some new ideas and as always face quite a lot of new problems with a lot of technical things I won`t dwell on any further.
I can say that i waited for quite some time to get some sound recording gear from the states to do some proper self intervjus and voiceovers, and leave it at that:)

The days down here melt together like butter in a frying pan. We get up, eat breakfast, drive for about an hour to the crag, climb all day, drive for an hour back, struggle whit finding parking, find parking, eat dinner, watch some old episodes of prison break or just a movie, fall asleep on the couch and finally have to drag my tired body to the bedroom to get some shut eye before it all starts again the next day.
Am i complaining? Not at all, I love this shit, I would not want to have it any other way:)

Every third day is usually a rest day and a if we don`t have extra guests i usually get to do some editing.
I am how ever also working on a film project from last year I`v named: "The Real Deal". (A trailer will come when it comes)

Between the mac beeing the entertainment center in the middle of the living room, several time consuming projects, taking care of all the little things in every day life, actually having to go out and film, and of course me not beeing the fastest or the most efficient guy around I`m just happy I get it done at all:)

Since there is only two of us most of the time, I have had little choice but to leave the camera on the ground on it`s own shooting a fixed frame from a fixed position.
Most of the time however the camera is not filming, or the footage is useless do to changes in the light, a flat battery or a full memory card...
The footage is shoot in crisp 1920x1080 full hd but unfortunaly had to be compressed to a tiny size of questionable quality for uploading to the internet.. I am still working on how to keep some of the quality and colors after compression.

I did how ever manage to scrape together some watchable footage and slap it together in my own extremly slow way and even after the heartbreaking lose of quality in the compression I`m still happy whit the end result:)

The new adventures of Henning the Barbarian part 2 from Henning Wang on Vimeo.

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  1. Oh yes forgot to add: I speak in english as much as possible for the simple reason that adding subtitles is really slow and boring work... I would probably sound better in Norwegian, but I don`t really care:)

  2. Awesome! Livin' the life :)